The universe telling me not to blog

It’s been awhile.

I know.

The thing is I tried to blog but everything in the world is trying to stop me. First it was because I was sooo busy and stressed it kept me off the site for a bit.

Then, when I FINALLY found the time to write a post, I get the whole thing typed up,

I press post and





A post about STRESS and it deleted. What could be more stressful than to work hard writing something for it to disappear…


(Yea you are probably thinking “what could she be stressed about she is only 17” but let me tell you stress, by no means is intimidated by age)

Well eventually I will have that post rewritten..

“Post about stressed teen coming soon”



Snapchat--3549907013010340323Have you ever written an obituary?

Until today I never thought I would have to.

 No someone did not die. 

It is our English assignment for the next two days. It wasn’t until about halfway through writing it that I realized one day someone would be writing mine.

But I don’t want an old traditional “she was a good person… She was this and that” I don’t want people to remember me that way. I want honesty. I want people to remember the way I do things or the way I think or how I was afraid to cut my hair or even how short I am. I think that an obituary should state how they will actually be remembered not some made up stuff about being a great person.

I know I said I wouldn’t write anything new but I guess I changed my mind.


I have decided to start a blog.


I’m still trying to figure out how this whole blogging thing works. I’m starting off slow and I’m not going to write anything new until I have everything transfered from my journal (its not much). I am using this free site because I’m 17, have no job and would prefer if my parents didn’t know.

I also decided to blog because my handwriting is horrid and I don’t like to look at it. I know You are probably thinking “just practice more and it will get better.” Trust me I have tried.

Not saying that it can’t look decent, it can I just have to write really slow, I just think way to fast and have to write it all down before I forget what I’m thinking.

Back to blogging;

I am blogging just to simply store my thoughts somewhere other than a journal that I have had since my 9th birthday. I am not starting this blog to gain publicity or to share my thoughts with the world. If you don’t like it don’t read it. If you do read it that is cool too.