I know it’s cliche to write about cancer but it just sucks so much that you need to write about it to get it out of your system.

To answer your question. I do not have cancer (that I know of). My grandmother does and I know when you think of a grandma you think of an old lady who does nothing. Well not mine, my grandma is always running around or working and sometimes you need a leash just to keep up with her. honestly she just doesn’t seem very old.

Well anyways this is her story. On December 19 she was at work in the kitchen at a hospital (thankfully) she was going to put ice in her cup and she couldn’t do it she was very confused and fainted..  It turns out that she was having a seizure. Thankfully her coworkers were there to catch her from hitting the ground. They took her down to the emergency room and they did multiple test and scans and found spots  in her lungs and the back of her head. They first checked her lungs and it was clear they tested her for multiple types of cancer and they were all negative. Finally they decided to schedule a surgery to check out the spot on her head. On January 9 they took her into surgery and found 2 cancerous tumors. They came to the waiting room to tell us that the cancer was already progressed to a 3 if not a 4. They gave her about 3 months to live or 18 months with chemotherapy and radiation.this cancer is not curable the only thing we can do is prolong her life. she started chemo on Tuesday the 2nd

one thing my grandma is known for is her cakes and party decorating skills I have always imagined that she would be the one to decorate and make the cake for my wedding. It wasn’t until the other day that I realized that she will not be able to see me get married and I feel like I have let her down. She wanted me to have a “15” or a sweet 16 so she could “do her thing” but I ended up not having a big party and I told her that I wouldn’t let anyone except her be in charge of what my wedding looks like but I don’t see myself getting married in the next 18 months. 

PS I posted “busy bee” a few days ago but it just now loaded. Oh well.

And sorry for posting about cancer


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