001_ROSEAt what point are we no longer pure? Is there a certain age when our eyes are no longer filled with light and curiosity, but instead the brutal realities of what life is?

Do not try and tell me you lose your purity when you have sex because that is the biggest lie if I ever did hear one. It is gone before that. It is gone when our minds are filled with the filth of the media and the (not so whispered) secrets passed along at the “adult” table. When everyone thinks that just because you are in a different room it means there is a magic sound barrier protecting you from all the gossip floating through the air. And maybe purity does end at sex for some but as for me it was gone the first time I heard a swear word, the first time I thought just a taste would be alright, pretending I didn’t see what it turns the ones I love into. The first time I heard momma say something mean about her best friend then pretending she never said a thing.

purity stops the instant our minds our exposed to anything other than nothing be it in the womb or anywhere else.

 All I’m saying is maybe there is no such thing as pure and its all just a matter of time before whatever has corrupted our minds and souls is ready to show.



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